10 Online Communities to Join in 2021


Online communities are in demand now, and it’s only going to get bigger as more people are looking to join them. It can help in tackling the challenges of “digital isolation.”

Check out the best 10 Online Communities to join in 2021.

1. Mighty Networks

An All-in-one community platform for creators comes with a plethora of Powerful community features. Native Zoom integration, Free iOS and Android apps, the ability to create online courses, Inbuilt monetization tools are one of the best networks to join in 2021. The most popular hosted community platform for creators, Mighty Networks, allows you to build an online community on the website.

2. Circle

Standalone online community platform is the best with the Clean, modern design. Besides, with it, you can expect Powerful community features. It is supportive in terms of the Native iOS app for users. The platform can embed widgets on external sites. It Supports SSO integrations.  Inbuilt monetization tools create online courses easily as well.

3. PC Gamer Club

PC Gamer, a famous gaming magazine, deals with PC games. Founded in 1993, PC Gamer Club serves as one of the best communities. The game engages you in your narratives as there is scope to the plot, steal. Serious perks upon joining make it a cool platform.

4. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss works as one of the largest communities that comes with the Best WordPress-based community builder. The most flexible community comes with the ability to gamify your community. The white-label mobile app makes it different from the rest of the options. It is a favorite of the tech-savvy community.

5. F95Zone 

F95Zone, an online gaming portal, is popular for adult gaming. Adult viewers love content materials on the website, i.e., adult games, sex games: sex simulators, animations, visual novels, mods, comics, etc. F95 zone is serving as one of the best web-based uprising populace to interface with many individuals throughout the planet. 

6. The Verge

The Verge, founded in 2011, is a community site that turns out to be wide-ranging than others. Besides gaming, the community is also developed in terms of tech, science, art, culture. The high-tech look and navigation ease make it stand out. Everything on this site is top-notch, too.

7. VGR

VGR’s broader gaming news as well as guides have been quite popular over a long time. But, in addition to that, it comes with the VGR forums. Boards for general gaming, gaming news, and video games, with discussions on gamers’ thoughts on violence, make it stand out.

8. TomsHardware

TomsHardware, a tech discussion platform, lets you ask questions, respond and start or contribute to discussions around computer technology. Sub-topics discussion center around computer hardware discussion including CPUs, overlocking, motherboards, makes it famous.

9. NeoGAF

NeoGAF, Gaming-Age Forums, is a discussion forum that gets linked to a video games news website. Boards for all things, analyses, and the plain-old-fun make it famous. Besides,  threads and ongoing groups also make it famous.

10. Steam

Steam Community platform refers to the subset of the broader Steam, the popular website and company, which is the digital distribution service for video games. It is by the gaming giant Valve. The ultimate destination for playing, discussion as well as creating games, Steam is amazing in terms of the experience that it gives.

Final Words

As an online creator or a SaaS product owner, developing the community turns out to be a great way to reach a new audience while also improving customer loyalty, gathering user feedback, and providing customer support. We have listed the best online communities that can serve as the most favorable communities to go with the freedom of discussion without feeling judged.

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