10 Proven Mind-Stimulating Tips for Seniors


Want to be fit- exercise. Want to have a sharp memory- train. The exercises in both cases are distinct but have the same positive impact on your brain and body. The famous quote says to use it, you have to lose it. If you don’t utilize any part of your body, that part of the body rusts due to inactivity. It slowly becomes inactive. You don’t want your body or brain to turn into something vestigial. A reliable source suggests that when toxins starts building up in the brain, the cell-to cell communication is hindered that reduces the brains ability to function properly.  Exercise your brain muscles and feed it with nutrients to keep your brain young and healthy.

Proven Methods For Mind-Stimulation As You Age

You have to build your brain muscles, just like you work on your body to build abs. Let’s get through some tips that will help you stimulate your brain and keep it healthy and young. 


Exercise does wonder not only to your body but also to the brain. The brain is one part of your body, so when you exercise for your body, you are helping your brain too. Performing physical activities are essential, as it develops brain muscles, which helps enhance memory. A short walk of ten to fifteen minutes or doing some yoga or breathing exercise strengthens your memory power. So exercising is an excellent means to develop your brain.

Keep On Learning

Learning new things is not restricted to age. One should always be open to learning new things. Learning keeps the areas of the brain active. Give your brain something challenging and overcome that challenge. Try to do activities or develop hobbies you wished for but couldn’t accomplish it due to some issues. Learning new things is also a kind of brain exercise. The more your exercise your brain, the more room you create in the brain to accommodate new ideas. 

Use Your Senses 

All the senses work amazingly well because your brain is deeply touched or attached to it. Using a sense of touch or smell also exercises your brain and makes it more active. Practicing your senses puts your brain’s piriform cortex to work and helps you remember things better. 

Work On A Skill

It’s never too late to brush up on your skills or learn a new skill. Working on your skills will open up your mind and help you create new ideas. When you work on an idea, you are increasing the brain’s abilities to go beyond possibilities. You can start brushing your skills or learn something new. Try to challenge your brain to create new ideas and work on them. Experimenting will open doors to your brain’s creative side, stimulating brainpower.


Not getting enough sleep doesn’t refresh your mind, which is significant for brain health. For your brain to function appropriately, you need to get enough sleep. It affects your brain by reducing your attention span, focus, and memory. The negative influence of not getting enough sleep will also be visible in your health. Healthcanal’s small piece about mind stimulation highlights the importance of sleep. Make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every single day. 

Eat Healthily

You need to feed your brain if you really care about its health. If your brain is deprived of essential nutrients that you only get by good food, it’s damaging your brain. Feed your brain with fatty fish, walnuts, berries, and dried fruits. If you add these foods to your diet, your brain will no longer be suffering from deficiency and help boost brainpower. 

Read And Write

When you are reading or writing, you are developing your brain muscles. Researches have shown that when you read and write frequently, you are learning and helping your brain to grow. Try writing with your non-dominant hand, learn a new language, try to bring out-of-the-box ideas. Take up brain quizzes and challenge yourself to solve them before time. 


Mediation has gained popularity recently and is worth giving a try. It soothes the brain and helps improve attention and focus. Practicing mindful meditation will train your brain and help you improve your brain capacity. It will help you focus and bring peace to mind. 

Create Space For Absorption

Create a space for absorption. When you learn something or are revising, let the things sink in your brain. When you space out between two learning sessions, you absorb better. Brush your knowledge, take time, and repeat for better memory.

Use Your Brain Often

Even if it’s just a date to recall, an important event to remember, or the little things that you forget, try to recall them. Don’t pressure yourself but at least push your brain to think. Note it down on a notepad or on your smartphone and keep on repeating it. 


Several things decline with age, so is memory. Senior citizens are more vulnerable to diseases and problems like cognitive disorders. It is crucial to keep working on your memory to keep it functional. Practice mindfulness and engage in activities that open up your mind to create new ideas. As you age, there are chances that you might lose interest, and your activity levels start declining, this can limit your memory. It is best to keep on working and practicing every day. Feed your brain with nutrients that will help your brain to stay healthy. 

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