Best Aftermarket Jeep Upgrades for Spring 2022


Spring has nearly sprung, which means it’s the perfect time to modify your Jeep so you can enjoy those warmer days in style. Whether you want to hit the pavement or get your vehicle ready for off-roading excursions, you’ll find countless options that will allow you to customize your ride. Here are the best upgrades for 2022.


Every off-roading Jeep owner knows the importance of possessing a winch, such as the Smittybilt X20 10K. Even if you’re an experienced driver, you may still get stuck in a ditch or puddle, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. A winch can get your vehicle out of these tricky situations without anyone else’s assistance.

New Tires

Before choosing the best tires for your car, you need to consider your driving purposes. Are you a nature enthusiast who travels over hills and through meadows to get to the best fishing and hunting spots, or do you stick to the road?

If you travel on every surface type, all-terrain tires may be the answer you’re looking for. Their open-tread design grips rocks, dirt, and paved roadways, allowing you to move from the street to a field with ease. Unfortunately, these tires are pretty noisy on the road, and their tread wears quickly compared to all-season options.

Upgrading Roofs

Wrangler owners understand that there are pros and cons to owning hardtops and soft tops. You just have to weigh the options before making a decision. Having one of each might be the best choice because you can switch the roof based on your driving needs.

Consider getting a Jeep TJ hardtop if you drive cross-country through the roughest terrains, as it is the more durable option and can protect your vehicle from sticks, rocks, or anything else that could fly through the air and hit your roof. It also adds extra insulation, keeping your ride quieter and warmer during windy winter months. However, it’s cumbersome, which makes it difficult to take off.

Alternatively, a soft top can be effortlessly removed and reinstalled. It’s easy to fold up and store, which means you can put it in the back of your Jeep without issue. Additionally, the soft top is the least expensive of the two options.

Suspension Kits

Driving on rough terrains can be uncomfortable if you don’t have proper suspension. Rather than avoiding the off-roading experience your Jeep was made for, consider investing in a suspension kit. In addition to springs and shock absorbers cushioning the bumpy road, a new system can improve your vehicle’s ability to turn and brake, making handling easier.

A lift kit may also serve you well if you travel through mountainous areas. It creates more ground clearance, so you can drive without worrying you’ll damage components underneath your Jeep. 

Before you lift your daily driver, you need to be aware of the general disadvantages. Even if you prefer the aesthetic appeal, installing a kit can potentially void your warranty. States also have limitations on how high specific parts of your vehicle can be lifted, so always do your research before making changes.  

From Fox suspension kits to roof racks, an online auto parts store is sure to have any aftermarket part you want. A knowledgeable associate can help you pick out the right upgrades for your Jeep.

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