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If you have been missing out on live sports events due to a lack of cable connection or paid subscription platforms, this article is for you. Crackstreams is a website that shows live streams of major sports events. The websites available under the name ‘Crackstreams’ at the moment are all copies as the original one got banned a few years ago. As a one-stop solution to all sports events for fans, the website had gained a considerable amount of popularity over its few years of functioning. 

However, as this website used to source their streams illegally, they were bound to commit copyright infringement. Due to such copyright issues, this website was banned by the authorities. Over a few years, several proxy sites and mirror websites have spurted up bearing the ‘Crack Streams’ name but none are as feature-rich and efficient when compared to the original one.

Which Sports Events Can You Watch on Crack Streams?

Initially, Crack Streams provided live streaming links to NBA or National Basketball Association, NFL or National Football League, and MMA or Mixed Martial Arts events. Considering the website’s ever-increasing popularity, the creators devised to add some more streaming events. Currently, you can watch NCAA football, boxing, and MLB live streams along with the ones mentioned above. While these are not much compared to other sports events streaming websites, their quality and speed of uploading are unparalleled to any other website. 

How to stream sports events on Crack Streams

The design of the crack streams website is quite simple and does not have any ads popping up all over the screen. Instead, the landing page just had different sections with clear headings to let people know which link shows which stream. The different sections on the landing page of this website are NFL Live Streams and Schedule, NBA Live Streams and Schedule, MLB Live Streams and Schedule, NHL Live Streams and Schedule, and Boxing Live Streams and Schedule. 

Under each section, you will find one tab containing the season games. On clicking it, you will get to watch the current season games live. The links to the live streaming events are uploaded on the website one day before the actual event. The links become functional as soon as the event starts. To watch live streaming of your choice of a sports event, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search Crack Streams on Google and click on the first website that comes on the search result page.

Step 2: You can choose from live streams of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Boxing. Whichever event you choose, you will find a tab under it. For instance, under NFL, “NFL Regular Season 2021 -2022 Click to view all games” will be written. Click on this tab.

Step 3: Choose the game you want to stream live.

Step 4: Click on the Play button on the video and your stream will start.

It is true that you get just a few live streaming events on this website for free but the owners promise to increase their collection and widen the range of sports events that can be streamed.

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