20+ Most Appealing Facetime Icon Aesthetic To Level Up Your Home Screen


With the release of the iOS 14 update, the core experience of using an iPhone has gone to a whole new level. It brings the most awaited features like widgets on the home screen and separate app drawer etc. But, if you are looking out to level up your home screen customization and make your iPhone stand out among your group, you are in the right place.

One of the best features that almost all iPhone users were craving is the new icons.  The stock icons of iPhones and iPads are the oldest ones with only a few unnoticeable changes here and there. One of such icons that seem older is the Facetime application which remained the same for ages. 

Although the latest update doesn’t bring new icons or support to icon packs, it brings a feature to change the aesthetic of the icons. So, now you can get to change the Facetime icon aesthetic on your phone and make your phone unique from any other users. 

Well, finding a good icon aesthetic that not only meets your expectations in making your home screen standout but also complements your wallpaper is quite a tough task. But not anymore! Here, you are about to unlock tons of the most compelling facetime icon aesthetics that you were looking for. 

How to choose the icon aesthetic so that the entire Home screen looks stunning?

There is no wonder that facetime comes under the most essential application for an iPhone user. Now that it supports android as well, you can also do video calls and share your activities with your friends and loved ones at ease. So, it deserves a place on your main home screen among all the essential apps that you use regularly. 

Now that the Facetime icon is on your home screen, you need to make the icon aesthetic look in such a way that it enhances the entire look of your home screen. Here are a few tips using which you can make an eye-pleasing home screen with Facetime icon aesthetic.

  • Choose an icon aesthetic that complements your wallpaper
  • The 4×4 aspect ratio of the icon placements in iOS looks well only when the icons are flashy with an outer line
  • The best way to choose an icon aesthetic is to select a brighter one on dark background and a dark green or blue one on the bright background
  • The rounded square shape of the iOS icons should be maintained in the chosen aesthetic as well. This ensures all the icons on your home screen appear in the same shape thus giving a formal yet new look.
  • For an anime background, you can also choose a funky icon aesthetic that merges with the anime

Although changing the icon aesthetic in iOS is not as simple as that of android, you will find the output quite special. Thus, you must try those icon aesthetics at least once

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