Way to access file: ///sdcard/ data in Google chrome


A common question is what the way to access SD card data in Google Chrome is? It’s worth noting that there may be troubles with opening the files that are downloaded to the external SD card. With Chrome, however, when you follow the stepwise method for getting access to it. It can eradicate further hassles.

Now you want to acquire a file manager for searching the file or playing music. The feature is also available on all the versions of Google Chrome on Android devices.

Highlight on the features of accessing SD card in Google chrome browser 

• You can get super-fast access. 

• It will help in playing any audio or video file. 

• It can help in opening any kind of document.

• Access to the hidden files is also easier.

• You can get the details with the modified date and time.

The method you will have to use to get access to the SD card in Google Chrome: the simple trick.

You can get access to the SD card in Google Chrome which is one click away.

• You will have to just Access Memory Card files into the browser. For that, open Google Chrome on the Android mobile.

• Type file:///sdcard/ within the URL box specified. 

• Press enter, and then you can enjoy the experience.

Are there any disadvantages of Google Chrome?

Only one problem is that there won’t be any rename option and delete option. Other than that, the trick is going to work by giving you access to the SD card easily.

What are the other methods associated with accessing SD card data in Google Chrome?

There are some other methods that people use and have found that work on the internal SD card. But there is never any read access to the data on the external SD card.

Browsing files and directories stored locally on Android is possible when you have a browser installed. Android devices with Google Chrome browser help browse SD cards without a file manager. Browse your SD card from within the Google Chrome browser. For that, open Google Chrome>>>type file:///sdcard/ in the address bar>>>click the link or copy and paste.

Opening the link lets you see the contents of your storage inside the window and browse the contents, files, and directories without a file manager. 

Take the assistance of the file manager app installed on your device. Such apps will come with the phone. In case you’re using any of the file explorer or even my files, then you will have to open with windows, and it will be only listing Firefox and not chrome or any other browsers. The choice of Firefox again opens the server page. 

Final words

The inbuilt option in Google Chrome that is Access Memory card data into Google Chrome browser can help you in getting access to all the data from the SD card for displaying in the browser. With the above-mentioned method, you can rest assured that there won’t be trouble associated with getting access to the SD card data in Google chrome. Though there are alternatives to this method, yet we have mentioned above is the only way that will help you in getting access to sd card data in Google chrome. 

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