Hit the Top: All-time Favorite Inspiring Disney Music


It’s the start of a new year- which means that a brand-new resolution and a brand new you is on your way to conquer the year 2022. What is there to pump up your spirit to go through this journey and get this year started if it’s not with a hype up music full of inspiring message from Disney playlist?

Disney have been a big name in the entertainment industry. Not only they have numerous projects they release every year, regardless of diversity- young and adult, people in gender and ethnicity, people are bound to sit down and anticipate the greatness of a Disney movie.

Year after year, Disney have proven themselves by producing high quality movies, exceptional storyline, iconic characters, and most especially their superb and first-rate song accompaniment that will surely captivates its viewers and got them hooked up with the song playing in loop. These Disney songs are not only catchy and melodious, they are classic and contain romantic and inspiring music that will tug at your heartstrings to follow even the wildest dream and love you have fantasized.

Check out these all-time favorites Disney music that moves the heart of multitude people through the years.

1. How Far I’ll Go (Moana)

First on the list is the iconic Moana’s theme song, “How Far I’ll Go” which was performed by Auli’i Cravalho that have enchanted the populace for many months and perhaps still to this day. Just like it’s chorus say,

And the line where the sky meets the sea

It calls me,

And no one knows

How far it goes

If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

One day I’ll know How far I’ll go

Pursuing something distant be it dreams, happiness, or love, it can be unfathomable and scary. But when you take your first step into the unknown, it will leave you amazed just how far you can reach, just how high you can aim – and it only needs a grain of courage and a leap of faith.

2. Go to the Distance (Hercules)

A little boost of confidence coming from our renowned demigod, Hercules, who have gone to a quite journey as a rite of passage to prove his worth among the immortals living in Olympus. Just like Hercules’ arduous journey, rediscovering yourself and a doing a life voyage in search of something is not an easy feat and is full of ambiguity and hurdles. Nevertheless, doing everything to achieve what we have set our mind this year, leaping in every hurdle thrown our way and braving out the unknown- it will surely be worthwhile.

3. Let it Go (Frozen)

This list will not be complete without the iconic ice castle, blue dress, and a singing Elsa telling us to “Let it Go”. This song tells us to not cower and hide our self even if it makes us different from other, as we are bound to be distinct from each other. This does not only inspire us to belt out high notes singing together with our trusted audio gear supply, it is an inspirational music that moves our heart to have a breakthrough and see how far we can go disregarding the rules that confines us.

4. I Love You Too Much (Book of Life)

Disney does not only produce music that inspire people to achieve their dreams and aspiration, but also urge their viewers to chase after their love they deemed worthy. This soundtrack from Book of life not only signifies its romantic sense, but to fight for the love we have been hoping for knowing that that is the place where we belong.

5. Speechless (Aladdin)

Not only this speaks a strong women empowerment, this also remind us that Jasmine have also a fair share of moral lessons to share. It delivers the message that wherever we go, there will be people that will oppress and undermine your worth, but it is enough for us to take the beatings laying down but also fight for ourselves and we are stronger than we think.

6. Circle of Life (The Lion King)

Obviously, this opening number of the most renowned animation of Disney, The Lion King, should be left out. Not only it leaves us awe-inspiring, this music reminds us that the world is wide and everything that comes our way until we find our place, is just part of our life.

This is just a short list from the hundred or even thousands of Disney music that may tug our hearts to do things we have longed and explore the world. Nonetheless, this is a perfect start for you to take a step towards to a brand-new beginning accompanied with exciting and mystical songs from our childhood favorite, Disney. 

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