Jaa Lifestyle Real or Fake | Complete Review


These days, people are looking forward to making extra money online, and the option is always appealing. In this regard, Jaa Lifestyle is one of the companies that offer ‘financial freedom’ to users by making huge money online. Promises are attractive. But, it’s necessary to thoroughly investigate the credibility of Jaa Lifestyle.

In this review article, you will get the answer to the question, “Is Jaa Lifestyle a scam?”.

  • Name: Jaa Lifestyle
  • Website: jaalifestyle.com
  • Cost to Join: Free ($20 to be an affiliate)
  • Founders: Adriana Cottet

JAA Lifestyle claims that it’s a company that offers financial freedom for members through an ‘affiliate business model.’ Sustainable passive income generation is the scope it offers for acquiring wealth. 

Jaa Lifestyle, launched in May 2020, is run side by side with a similar company, Lifestyle Marketing Group, that came up with a ‘soft launch in June 2020. The website Jaa Lifestyle states that the founder was Adriana Cottet, with over 25 years of experience in the ‘luxury industry.’ 

Jaa Lifestyle- Offerings

Jaa Lifestyle bears the tagline is ‘solutions to a better life. Luxury is a promoted element and is attractive to people. The financial security that they offer without being registered to any financial authorities makes sense a bit weird, according to some.

Jaa Lifestyle offers the scope in the manner that the money a member gains is purely from commissions. Different programs such as the lifestyle program,  advertising program, and other bonuses make the platform famous.

Members get the scope to $50 worth of free future shares. Besides, there is scope to earn $1,000 per year from advertising partners that fall under the category of bonus. Besides, there is scope to earn an extra $1,000 per year for referred persons successfully signing up.

Cost to Join Jaa Lifestyle

For affiliate members, no cost is needed to join Jaa Lifestyle. Joining the lifestyle program, however, demands paying a $30 fee. After the first payment, there is a need to pay $48 every other month.

Making Money with Jaa Lifestyle

members joining the platform need to promote affiliate membership. Different compensation plans are available on Jaa Lifestyle. The Advertising Program lets every member get $10 for every person he/she refers to. A cut from the referrals of direct recruits is also available.

Lifestyle Program

Lifestyle program is yet another scope that gives the scopes to the affiliates to get rewarded for referring people. The unilevel compensation plan that is followed is a bit different from the pyramid scheme in some MLM companies. For the compensation plan, affiliates need to ‘activate’ accounts by paying $48 and 10 magazines. Jaa lifestyle login will let you explore the numerous benefits. 


Jaa Lifestyle comes up with three different bonuses to incentivize affiliates. Affiliates who register and verify bank accounts within the first seven days get shares worth $50. Referring members who are successfully joining and reach a certain level get the scope to earn a massive amount in Jaa Lifestyle.

Final words

The latest findings regarding Jaa Lifestyle suggest that the site is legitimate, and there won’t be issues associated with it. You can join the platform today and go ahead with the mission of completing all the steps to just get the massive earnings. 

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