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Jio Rockers is an illegal website that presents pirated movies. The movies are usually in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. You can also find some pirated Hollywood films such as Cindrella (2021) dubbed in Telugu. Jio Rockers is quite fast when it comes to updating their collection and has movies that were released as recently as a month ago. 

Sometimes, piracy websites like Jio Rockers leak movies and TV series before they even get a chance to hit the theatres. This not only results in a loss for the makers of the movie and the actors but also affects the theatre owners. 

While the Indian government regularly bans piracy websites similar to Jio Rockers, they keep on functioning as they change their domain names. Jio Rockers does the same trick and has numerous proxy sites through which the original website can be accessed. The entertainment industry loses more than two billion dollars to illegal downloads which is why the government is working hard to ban sites that enable such downloads.

Jio Rockers Menu

To better arrange their content, Jio Rockers have different menu options. The Jio Rockers Menu consists of Big Boss telugu, Tamil Movies Download, Telugu Movies Download, telugu 2020 Movies Download, Telugu Dubbed Movies, Malayalam Movies Download, Kannada Movies Download, and Hindi Movies Download. 

Jio Rockers has a different section, entirely dedicated to its extensive telugu Movies collection. This section consists of the following options:

  •  Telugu TV Shows
  •  Telugu Dubbed Movies
  •  Telugu 2021 Movies (All 2021 Latest Movies)
  •  Telugu 2020 Movies (All 2020 Latest Movies)
  •  Telugu 2019 Movies
  •  Telugu 2018 Movies
  •  Telugu 2017 Movies
  •  Telugu 2016 Movies
  •  Telugu 2015 Movies
  •  Telugu 2014 Movies
  •  Telugu 2013 Movies
  •  Telugu 2012 Movies
  •  Telugu 2011 Movies
  •  Telugu 2010 Movies
  •  Telugu 2009 Movies
  •  Telugu 2007 Movies
  •  Telugu 2006 Movies
  •  Telugu 2005 Movies
  •  Telugu 2004 Movies
  •  Telugu 2003 Movies
  •  Telugu 2002 Movies
  •  Telugu 2001 Movies
  •  Telugu 2000 Movies
  •  Telugu Old Movies (1950-2000)
  •  Telugu Actors Collection (All Actors)

The last option consists of all the popular telugu actors and the respective movies and shows they have worked in. Browsing through all these folders can be quite hard, which is why Jio Rockers also has a search option. Here, you can type in the movie‚Äôs name and results will show if the website has it or not. 

Is it Illegal to Download from Jio Rockers?

As Jio Rockers is an illegal website, anything downloaded from it is illegal as well. Downloading pirated movies and TV shows implies that you are committing copyright infringement. Considering the amount of money that the movie makers lose as a result of such piracy websites, the Indian government has made piracy punishable by the offence. 

If you are dealing with pirated movies or recording movies shown in cinema halls, you can be fined for an amount not less than three lakh rupees and can also be jailed for up to three years. However, it is highly unlikely that the government will single you out for downloading pirated movies considering that almost 20% of Indian citizens do this. 

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