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The popularity of piracy websites has risen in popularity tremendously over the past decade. 123mkv is one such website that has its collection of a variety of pirated movies. The movies are available in all kinds of languages and found dubbed in Hindi as well for people who have trouble understanding other languages. 

You can find Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, and international films here. Apart from different languages and genres of movies, you can find films and TV series of different qualities as well. Here is an overview of the 123mkv website and a brief guide on how to download movies from it for free. 

What is 123mkv?

123mkv is a website that offers its viewers pirated movies. These movies are free to download and can be saved on any kind of device, be it on phones, tablets, or laptops and computers. The website has a hoard of movies but here is the catch, you cannot stream them. What this website essentially does is gather downloadable pirated files of particular movies and provide their links to users. 

Thus, by clicking on those links, you can only download the movie or series on your device, not stream it. On one hand, this is advantageous as you will not come across any annoying buffering that stops the playback every few minutes, On the other hand, however, you have to download the whole file, making it harder for smartphone users to free up space on their phones to have enough memory to download it. 

You might not be able to download all episodes at once if you are watching a series to save space on your phone. 123mkv tackled this problem by introducing different video qualities for downloading movies and series. Thus, if you have a space problem, you can opt for downloading in lower qualities which drastically reduces the file size.

Active 123mkv URLS

The Indian government is strict at banning piracy websites and has taken many measures to stop the circulation of pirated content. However, the piracy websites are clever and have devised a unique technique that lets them keep functioning even after they get banned. Piracy websites such as 123mkv make numerous websites with the same name but different extensions. 

Each of these websites is almost similar to look at and has the same movies like the original one. This way, even if the original website gets banned by the government, its copies can still keep on working and generating revenue. Here are some of the website alternatives of 123mkv that are still active:

  • 123mkv onl
  • 123mkv net
  • 123mkv com
  • 123mkv be
  • 123mkv gr
  • 123mkv tw
  • 123mkv li
  • 123mkv co
  • 123mkv ac
  • 123mkv cx

Alternatively, you can just search ‘123mkv’ on Google. The search engine result pages will show you all the active websites belonging to that name. You can choose any of them to start downloading movies for free. 

How Does 123mkv work?

123mkv releases all the latest and most popular movies in almost all languages. Primarily, the focus is on collecting Hollywood and international movies that are popular all over the world as well as almost all Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood movies. You can even find international and south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi here. 

You can find the latest movies on this website just a few days after their official release. So if you do not want to spend money watching it in the cinema hall or pay for subscriptions of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can hop on to this site and download it for free.

Sections in 123mkv

123mkv has hundreds of movies in their collection. To make it easier for its visitors to sort through their collection, they have made different sections in their menu:

1. Hindi Movies: This section contains all the Bollywood movies, TV shows, and web series. It consists of the latest movies as well as films from a few years back.

2. English Movies: You can find Hollywood movies as well as international films and series in this section.

3. Hindi Dubbed: You can find movies that are dubbed in Hindi here. These movies can be from anywhere, Hollywood, international, Tollywood, and even Kollywood. Movies in this collection are for Hindi viewers who have trouble understanding any other language.

4. South Dubbed: This section is dedicated entirely to South Indian films that have been dubbed in Hindi. Movies of Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages are dubbed in Hindi and provided here.

5. Yearly: Under this section, you can find movies according to their release year. You can find movies arranged from 2019 up to 2013 in this tab. Just hover your mouse on this tab and the drop-down menu will show you the different years.

How to Download Movies and Web Series from 123mkv?

It is quite easy to find a movie or TV series and download it from 123mkv. You can either browse through the collection of their movies or sift through different tabs from the menu bar. Alternatively, you can also search for a movie if you have a particular one in your mind by using the search option located at the top of the landing page or home page. 

Once you have found the movie you want to download, click on it. You might be redirected to different pages filled with advertisements but always come back and click again. Showing these ads is the only way they can earn revenue. Once you reach the movie page, you will come across the basic information regarding the movies as well as the file size. Scroll down to find a download button and click on it. 

You will also find a short review of the movie under the download movie. You can give it a read to know what you should expect from the movie. Once you click on the download button, you will be redirected to another page that contains another download button. Click on it and your download will start automatically. 

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