3 of the Most Entertaining Games of 2022 So Far


The last two years have been quite amazing for gamers, which was a good distraction for many, especially considering the contemporary problems. However, 2022 is turning out to be no slouch either and we are still in the first half. Up next, we will briefly discuss some of the most entertaining games released so far this year, although more may be on their way as you read this.

Elden Ring by FromSoftware

We are going to start off with the most arguable title of this list, which is of course, Elden Ring. The game is a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, developed by FromSoftware. As you can probably guess, this means the action RPG is going to be punishingly hard and your character will die, a lot! Therein lies the controversy; can we call such a difficult game entertaining? The answer is yes, but only if you have played and loved games in the Dark Souls series, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and Nioh/Nioh II. If you find joy in the triumph of beating overpowered bosses that seem nigh-unbeatable, you will love Elden Ring.

Since we are talking about one of the most graphically intense games of 2022, you may want to consider upgrading to a Lenovo AMD gaming laptop before starting. Stuttering frames in Elden Ring will ruin the experience and your performance in the game. When your chances of winning deadly duels are already so slim, you will appreciate a smooth 60fps run.

On the other hand, if your idea of entertainment in video games does not involve sharpening your sword and magic skills by dying countless times while fighting horrific monsters in a lush and beautiful world, Elden Ring is not for you! You will find it frustratingly tough and that is okay too, because the next title is entertaining for completely different reasons.

Horizon: Forbidden West by Guerrilla Games

If you are a PC gamer, you will have to wait for a while before Horizon: Forbidden West is released on Windows. Right now, the game is a PlayStation exclusive that showcases the PlayStation 5’s underused power to almost its full extent. Crafting weapons to hunt dinosaurs made from machines is a bizarrely entertaining experience!

Although Horizon: Forbidden West is an action RPG like Elden Ring, Forbidden West is a much slower and more approachable game with stunning, expansive visuals. Exploration remains the main theme in this vast open world RPG, and the robo dinosaurs are even more marvellous to look at than they were in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Nobody Saves the World by Drinkbox Studios

True as the sentiment might be, you will indeed try to save the world while filling the oversized shoes of Nostramagus, the “true hero” and saviour arch magus of the world! If you are wondering, the title is accurate because the character you control is named Nobody and he does save the world, provided that you can.

If the story and the premise does not sound bizarre enough yet, wait till you realise that Nobody is a powerful magus himself, wielding Nostramagus’s overpowered wand of transformation. You have the power to take 15-different forms, choosing one or the other, depending on what is required to solve the level.

What can be more entertaining than a game that lets you turn from a slithering slug to a hulking dragon in seconds? You will be doing all that and more while hacking and slashing your way through the strange forces of Randy the Rad! There are several different forms to explore, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Do keep in mind that entertainment means different things to different people. So, it’s possible that we missed out your favourite title. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed by giving any of the titles on this list a try, but we did warn you about Elden Ring!

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