Movierulz Plz: Telegu and Tamil Films of 2021


The ever-increasing popularity of piracy websites like Movierulz has led to major losses in the film industry. Instead of going to the theatres or subscribing to paid platforms like Netflix who pay royalties to the owners and actors of the films, the people are watching the majority of movies on piracy websites that illegally source movies and shows and present them to their viewers for free.

Movierulz Plz is one such piracy website that has an array of films, TV shows, and web series in their collection that are mostly in South Indian languages such as Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam. 

About Movierulz plz

The original website for proxy or copy sites such as Movierulz plz or was the actual MovieRulz website. The website was wildly popular since it became live and had thousands of people flocking it every day. However, the Indian Government became quite strict and started banning piracy websites that give content to people for free. Being one of the major illegal websites that has pirated content, MovieRulz was bound to get banned along with similar popular websites. 

However, piracy websites are known to make proxy sites and copy websites of themselves to continue functioning even if the original gets banned and MovieRulz did just that. These websites keep changing their extension and successfully prevent getting banned. This is why piracy websites are still prevalent on the Internet even after committing copyright infringement.

Is it safe to download from MovieRulz Plz?

As mentioned above, Movierulz Plz is an illegal piracy website that lets people view copyrighted movies and shows without permission. This makes anyone watching movies from this website commit copyright infringement as well. According to the lay, performing copyright infringement can lead to getting fined and even jailed. You can be fined around 3 lakh rupees and jailed for 6 months up to as long as three years.

However, given that almost 20 percent of Indians admit to having watched and downloaded movies and shows illegally, it is safe to say that the authorities will not single you out and arrest you. On the contrary, the authorities are more concerned with shutting down piracy websites rather than catching their viewers. 

Revenue of Movierulz Plz

You must be wondering how websites such as Movierulz plz earn their revenue as their content is free and does not charge a single rupee to their viewers. The answer is quite simple, ads. Upon visiting the website, you might initially not see anything suspicious about it as websites like this does not have any intrusive ads on their landing page. However, the moment you click on something, anything on the website, you will be bombarded with pop-up ads.

Be it on a movie link, a download link, on a different section or anywhere else, you will get an ad first. You are redirected to an ad page once or twice after clicking the same thing. Only after then will you get access to the content you originally clicked for.  

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