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Similar to many other piracy websites, Movierulz is a movie downloading and streaming webpage that gives people a chance to watch the latest films free of cost. The Indian government has laid out strict rules to prevent these kinds of websites that commit copyright infringement but have lots of trouble due to the sheer amount of them. This also results in numerous extensions of a single website with the same content. 

This way, when the original website gets banned, its extensions keep on working. For instance, Movierulz has several websites with the same name but different extensions such as,,, and so on. Movierulz4 contains dubbed versions of international, Hollywood and Bollywood movies in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages. 

Categories Avaible on movierulz

On the landing page, you can find different categories to better classify the movies, TV shows, and web series. There is a search button at the top of the page to help you find movies if you have anything specific in mind. These are the categories present on the website:

  • Featured: This category contains the most recommended movies and TV shows that have been recently released.
  • Hollywood: This category has Hollywood movies that are either dubbed in Hindi or Tamil or its original English language.
  • Bollywood: This category has the latest Bollywood movies and can also be found dubbed in other South Indian languages. 
  • Telugu: The category has all the Telugu films that are popular in India. These movies sometimes get leaked before they even have hit the theatres and cinema halls. 
  • Tamil: This category is for recently released Tamil films as well as older films that have been popular with the public.
  • Malayalam: This category contains films that are in the Malayalam language or have been dubbed in it.
  • Dubbed: This contains all the dubbed movies and Television shows in different languages. 
  • Quality: Different qualities of content can be found under this category. It has five other subcategories, DVDScr Movies, DVDRip Movies, HDRip Movies, Barrio Movies, BDRip Movies.

How to Download Movies on movierulz vpn

Before you go on to stream or download from websites such as Movierulz plz, you must be careful. Streaming and downloading pirated content is illegal and is punishable by the offense. You can be jailed for up to 3 years and can also be fined lakhs of rupees. This is why it is better to get a VPN application that can give your server location and thus protect your identity.

To download films and shows from Movie rules, find the one you want and click on it. There might be hidden ads that you need to be wary about. Upon clicking, you will be taken to another page with a short description of the movie, its genre, language, and so on. If you scroll down, you will find the tabs to either stream in HD out download in HD quality. You can also get the torrent links for different qualities upon scrolling further down.

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Movierulz website, one of the movie downloading websites, is the biggest torrent site that has users around the world. The site shows people newly released movies in HD print and presents plenty of classic movies. People download movies from this website that gives the range of the movies in the different categories. This website uploads new Telugu, Bollywood, Tamil, and Hollywood movies. Google has banned the torrent site from uploading copyrighted material in India.

These days, there has been a hit-and-miss increase in video piracy. Movierulz2021 promotes video privacy and is a name that impresses everyone as there is a range of movies to choose from. Numerous websites are available with a range of motion pictures, but Movierulz2021 works are the most powerful way over numerous other transfer sites.

Movierulz Apk Download

Movierulz’s website is also becoming popular for the simple reason that it has the APK, which allows people to download new movies. From the Movierulz APK website, you can easily download any movie on the website without pop-up ads. Easy to download new movies site Movierulzapk ensures offering you the massive convenience with the download of the movies.

Movierulz app has many features, including the fact that the download speed is much higher than the website. The app is free from the range of pop-up ads. Downloading any movie from the app is more comfortable.

App name: Movierulz

File Size: 99 MB

Version: v3.0

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

License: Free

People who want to watch it on their smartphones can also access the site using the UC browser. The UC Browser has also been popularly recommended for Movierulz. Download the browser before logging into the site and watch the latest movies with a good quality picture. Also, you can get an advanced level of assistance with the multiple links for most movies. So, you don’t have to feel frustrated with the idea of shifting to the other links. The website Movierulz is safe and virus-free as long as your device has the needed antivirus. Keep your antivirus updated so that you can freely download the movies without further worries.

Movierulz lets you download and watch movies without paying a cent, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. Piracy sites like Movierulz are promoting PIRACY and are loaded with malware that can be infectious for your device. Piracy is illegal and unethical and is going to become a long-term threat to your site.

The user interface of Movierulz turns out to be quite user-friendly and simple. View all the main controls and links in the menu bar. What makes the site even better is that there are options on the site that are self-explanatory and easy to understand.

Final Words

Get access to the latest releases and popular movies listed on the homepage, right below the menu bar. Find your movie according to your needs, or also you can go with searching for it directly using the movie name. All the latest releases, alongside the range of popular movies, are listed on the homepage, below the menu bar. Browse through the movies available using the search options, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil. The best part is that the movie list has subcategories based on the year of release too. Search movies based on the genre and also to match your preferences. Be it a brainy suspense movie or a romantic comedy, you can get all options.

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