Netflix: a highlight on the latest working Bin for the creation of Netflix premium account


Everyone is looking for a Netflix account for free, and so there is a need for getting the idea for the creation of the Netflix premium account free of cost. Everyone has been looking for a free subscription to Netflix as one of the best streaming platforms where you can just go with the daily updated content with high resolution. Not everyone can afford the Netflix premium deposit is very costly, and so there is a need for understanding the Netflix BIN method.

Netflix BIN method refers to the type of hack for the creation of premium accounts with the randomly generated credit card but not all the cards work. In this case, there are only some of the specific BIN that will be available which can be used for the creation of a Netflix premium account without paying anything for that. Not even every BIN worked for years. 

Daily, thousands of people are creating Netflix accounts with the same BIN. And so it happens that the network security system is responsible for blocking BIN immediately. There are two different methods that you can get available with this system that is Netflix direct BIN and Netflix BIN via PayPal.

First of all, there is a need to understand what BIN is. 

What is BIN?

The first 4 to 6 digit number that is referred to as a bank identification number is referred to as BIN on the credit card. This is easily available for identification of the issue of the card. You can find them on the visa Mastercard. All of which have these particular numbers.

Highlight on the list of the latest BIN of 2021 

You can get the BIN around the internet, but it’s worth noting that not all of them will be working properly. Most of the site always puts the expired or the blocked ones, and they will be tagging it like a hundred percent working BIN for Netflix, but it is not so. 

You will get the list of the Netflix BIN that will be helping you in getting the premium subscription for free. It can be available in the form of a free trial. For doing that, you will have to just go with the generation of the virtual credit card using the BIN and use it with Netflix. There are two different types that you can get, and some of them are as follows:

BIN: 3710673


Status: Live

BIN: 3712481


Status: Live

BIN: 3710746


Status: Live

BIN: 3717030


Status: Live

BIN: 541570


Status: Live

BIN: 534417

IP: USA/Australia

Status: Live

BIN: 443078

IP: New York, USA

Status: Expired

BIN: 413554


Status: Expired

BIN: 522334


Status: Live

BIN: 551128

IP: Spain

Status: Live

BIN: 5577557140xxxxx

Expiry: 04/24

IP: Thailand

Status: Live

BIN: 6762191xxxxxxx

IP: Austria

Status: Live

BIN: 550800000xxxxx

Expiry: 08/25


Status: Live

BIN: 484801001934xxxx

Expiry: 05/21

IP: Hungary, Finland, Norway, Italy, Croatia

Status: Live

BIN: 515462002xxxxxxx

BIN‎: ‎469897765xxxx64x

Expiry: 08/21


Status: Live

IP: ‎Salvador

Status: Expired

Highlight on the method of using the Nextflix BIN

For getting the premium subscription-free, the specific BIN or the bank identification number will be matching only with the certain user IP and details. It’s worth noting that you can’t use it for the generation of working credit cards from any location. 

At such a point, you will have to stay connected to the same country to which the IP address belongs. You will have to consider the reliable VPN active like the NordVPN, Express VPN. Also, you will have to make sure that you are having a stable internet connection so that you can just go ahead with the method.

The steps you will have to follow are as follows:

1. Pick the working six digits Netflix Bin code for the list available. 

2. Now, you will also find it from the BIN generator. 

3. Search for the BIN for the country and the bank 

4. Now connect VPN to the same country and just make sure that the connection is stable 

5. Visit the website for generating the virtual credit card with the utilization of the BIN.

6. Place the BIN into the specific box and also generate the credit card.

7. Finally, you will have to visit the website, and you will have to use the generated credit card for getting the free trial of the subscription.

In this way, you can use the BIN code for generating the credit card and also getting Netflix for free.

What is the method by which the Netflix BIN method works?

Netflix offers different plans that will be coming with a range of features. The most affordable plan is a basic one that will cost around $8.99 every month. But, it also allows the single screen for streaming. You can use it as the standard plan that costs around $ 12.99 for months and will be providing you with the full screen. The most expensive plan is a premium one that costs around $ 15.99 every month with Ultra HD 4K stream on the fourth screen.

Since BINs are bank identification numbers, there is no possibility of using generated credit cards getting available from any location. There is a need to get the identification online for connecting from the country issuing the card you are using. Requirements for using the Netflix BIN 2021 include the strong VPN Cyberghost, VyprVPN, Nord VPN, windscribe, Express VPN). Besides, there is a requirement of a good internet connection and a Good internet Browser( like the Brave Browser / Via Browser).

Final words

There are different kinds of BIN that you can get available with specific websites for claiming the free trial. It will also need the specific IP address and the user details. Users can also use them for the generation of the card and authentication of the account. There comes the support directly from the Paypal BIN codes or also used for the creation of the PayPal account. Then, you will have to use it with Netflix as well.

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