Practical Techniques to Boost Your Instagram Following


As more and more individuals sign up for Instagram, it is getting tougher to gain greater popularity on this massive social networking site.

The information in this post is ideal for you if you are seeking practical techniques to develop your account as well. If you implement all of the suggestions below, you will almost certainly get an increase in free Instagram followers and likes.

Post at the right time

When it comes to the optimum time to post on Instagram, there is some controversy. However, you may experiment with various possibilities to find what works best for your business. Your social media content plan can include publishing healthy recipes. At least on paper, it seems sensible that you’d be inquisitive about breakfast foods early in the morning. This might very well be the case.

A lot of individuals prepare their meals for the following day the night before so that they don’t have to rush out the door in the morning. You may save any leftovers from the weekend for a quick breakfast the next morning. Doing several tests at different times of the day and night is the only way to discover when exactly your followers are checking Instagram and seeing your posts in their feeds.

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Make an interesting caption

You’ll lose followers and engagement over time if you consider the caption of your post as an afterthought. What you write in your Instagram captions may have a significant impact on the number of people that see it. You’ll need this hidden weapon to get the word out about your Instagram page.

The greatest Instagram captions are those that give context, promote your brand, amuse your audience, and urge them to take action. Using an Instagram Caption Generator is an option if you’re stumped for caption ideas.

Use paid advertising

How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? The simplest answer maybe use paid advertising. While building your Instagram content organically, you should also have a contingency plan for purchasing Instagram content in the event that you need it. Because of Instagram’s non-chronological feed algorithm change in 2016, your material is more likely to show up in your followers’ feeds than if they saw all of the posts from the accounts they follow in chronological order.

In the aftermath of Instagram’s algorithm update in April, marketers are turning to paid Instagram adverts to expand the reach of their content, despite the popularity of the organic content approach.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to boost video views or get people to participate in a contest; Instagram advertising may help you get in front of new people. Facebook claims that 80% of Instagram users engage in this kind of behavior, in part because so many people rely on Instagram to help them make buying choices based on what they see there.

Do contests and giveaways

You can never go wrong with an online contest or raffle to see who gets the most attention. New followers and free Instagram likes should flood in as a result of this. Freebies, especially those that don’t cost a lot of money, are popular among consumers.

Your contests should be subject to rules. You must first get them to like and like your Instagram post in order to be considered. Subtitles for contest submissions should include the contest’s hashtag, if applicable.

A little sum of money to a substantial sum of money might be granted. In most cases, a freebie or gift basket is the most common kind of present to get. UGC competition winners are often mentioned in blog articles where they were submitted. It has become so bad that some companies have started putting up billboards with pictures of their customers.

Also promote your account on other platforms

This is a phrase that an unusually significant proportion of companies completely ignore. Promoting your Instagram material across your other social media platforms is critical if you’re creating high-quality content. Your Instagram content should be prominently shown in your email campaigns instead of simply a little Instagram symbol, as you would on a blog post or landing page.

Even if your site doesn’t feature a direct link to your own Instagram account, it should nonetheless offer authentic Instagram material. A lot of people don’t know how to get free Instagram likes and followers.

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