Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry?


After Facebook, Instagram is the only social media platform that has gained an invincible craze all across the globe. Being one of the most popular Facebook-owned social media applications, Instagram surpasses many other platforms with over one billion monthly active users worldwide.

Although there are several reasons why netizens prefer it over other options, uncompromisable quality in pictures and videos is one of the top reasons. Besides, it is one of the most feature-rich social media applications with amazing filters, a ton of customizable options for stories, and flawless chat options.

Well, recently many users are continuously reporting about their Instagram stories becoming blurry. It is already on the air that it is a bug that is taking too long to be fixed by the developers. But, it is not exactly the situation here. Now that you are here, you are going to know the complete reason behind this and the ways to fix it as well. So, let’s dive in!

Possible reasons behind the blurry Instagram stories

  • Unstable Internet Connectivity

Instagram stories may take a while to load when there is an unstable or slow internet connection to your device. This may sometimes lead to blurry images or may not slow the image at all. A weak internet connection is also the reason behind pixelated or blurry videos even if it is of high quality while you upload.

Actually, the Instagram app itself reduces the quality of video sometimes to compensate with the bad internet connection, just to upload the content successfully.

  • Changes in Instagram mobile data settings

If you dive into the settings section of the Instagram app, you will find an option that is meant to ensure minimum mobile data usage. When you toggle on this option, the quality of videos and photos you upload to Instagram will be lowered automatically every time.

The option works only when you are using your mobile data. It switches back to the normal high-quality uploads when you connect your device with high-speed Wi-Fi. 

  • Camera settings of your phone

You might be riddled, but it is a fact that the internal camera settings of your phone can lead to blurry images in your Instagram story. The reason behind this is the limitation of the Instagram app to upload the content only up to 1080 pixels. 

So, if your camera has a better lens and sensor to capture better photos than this range, the app will compress the picture to suit its range. As a result, you may come across grainy, pixelated, blurry, or out-of-focus images and videos. 

This problem won’t arise unless you are using Instagram’s camera to take photos and videos for your stories.

  • Outdated App 

One of the common mistakes most smartphone users make is neglecting the app updates. Instagram frequently releases updates to fix the bugs, overcome the flaws and resolve the security issues associated with the application. So, if you are lagging behind with an older version of the app, you are likely to come across such weird bugs.

Not only these but there could also be several reasons behind blurred Instagram stories. But, these are the common reasons, by solving which you can retain the original, high-quality pictures and videos in your story uploads. But, how? Well, here are the most effective ways using which you can fix this issue instantly in your Instagram application.

Ways to fix the blurred Instagram story issue

1st Method: – Check your internet connection and shift to a better one

An active Instagram user can easily point out the lagging internet connection. But, there are times when unstable internet connectivity can’t be pointed out at a glance. In such a situation, all you have to do is install an internet speed tester app or dive into your browser to one such website.

Try checking your uploading and downloading speed twice or thrice to ensure you have a stable connection. If you are getting fine results, you can hop into the second method. But, if you are getting bad results, then you need to either switch to some other network or connect to a Wi-Fi connection and re-check the quality again.

2nd Method: – Change the Instagram Data Setting

As mentioned above, Instagram has a default data setting to compensate for slow Internet connection with low-quality images, all you have to do is toggle off this setting and you are good to go. Here are the steps to reach this option and change it.

  1. Open your Instagram app and click on the profile icon present at the bottom right of the homepage
  2. Once you reach your profile page, click on the three bars or more option present at the top and open the settings
  3. Click on the Account option from the list of options on that page
  4. Find the cellular data usage option and click on it 
  5. Go to the data saver option and turn off the toggle present before it

3rd Method: – Update the App

By the default settings of your google play store or app store, the app will get updated if you are connected to Wi-Fi. But, if not, then you have to manually head into the store and update the Instagram application to its latest version. 

Sometimes, you may come across a notification on the Instagram app to update it to the latest version. Never neglect such pop-ups unless you have less mobile data remaining. But then, you need to update any time soon.

4th Method: – Resize the photos before uploading them to the story

As we already know, the maximum range of a picture that Instagram can upload is 1080 pixels. In case your picture ranges more than this, try resizing it using third-party apps that are easily available on the play store. You can even try adding the filters if the editing in those apps makes the photo seem grainy. 

One of these methods must fix this issue in your device. But, in the worst-case scenario, if none of those methods works, you can head to help followed by reporting a problem option in your application. 

What is the need for fixing these issues?

Your video looking blurry after uploading to Instagram Story is going to create a nuisance in the long run. It’s very annoying, right? You may wonder why Instagram videos/stories are blurry? But, you don’t have to stay worried anymore as we have listed the ways by which you can fix them. Moreover, the number of ways to fix these issues isn’t limited. Plenty of ways are there to fix these blurry issues. Many reasons are there for the blurred images and videos, including bad internet connection, wrong aspect ratio, an old version of the Instagram app, and quality, and more.

From the ways we have mentioned, we feel that precisely some ways will be helping you more. It’s already a well-known fact that the maximum range of a picture on Instagram is 1080 pixels. In case the picture ranges more than this, ensure that you’re resizing it using third-party apps. You will get them easily available on the play store. Also, one of the best ways to fix issues is to try adding the filters if the editing makes the photo seem grainy. 

These methods fix this issue. In the worst-case scenario, try reporting a problem option. Another solution for fixing these blurry Instagram videos is to use Instagram’s built-in camera. With that, it’s understandable that Instagram will keep the original quality recorded by Instagram’s camera. What you need to do in that case is to just press the plus icon at the bottom. After that, you will have to tap Video to start recording a video.

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