Why Everyone Loves Bad Bunny?


The Latin rhythm was considered to be linked with a direct connection with the devil, and anyone who ventured to shake their hips to its beat was subject to ex-communication from the church. 

However, it is not necessary to travel back to the middle of the twentieth century to understand that certain musical styles will continue to be regarded second-rate, nor to understand that, among all of them, reggaeton will always be the king of the hated.

In recent years, reggaeton listeners have stepped out of the closet, thanks in part to the genre’s adaptation to social changes, which has received a much-needed facelift. It has not lost its melody or spirit, but its misogynistic lyrics and degrading themes are no longer ignored by the majority of the population.

Despite the fact that it elicits strong adverse reactions, listeners have climbed by 119 percent since 2014, according to Spotify, primarily due to the new exponents.

There are now many more female singers than there were previously, as well as men who do not feel the need to disparage women in order to get their songs to the top of the charts.

In terms of the latter, it’s time to talk about Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican who has not only made entire continents dance but has also prompted people to consider the slogans he promotes through the light-hearted genre. And, why is Bad bunny tour 2022 price for tickets not a problem for anyone? Because people don’t care what the price is, they want to hear him performing live and immerse themselves in his music.

More organically than his seasoned genre comrades, Bad Bunny conveys political sentiments outside the confines of dark trap in a more naturalistic manner.

Who is Bad Bunny?

Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio, better known by his stage name Bad Bunny, has received numerous honors and nominations for his music, including a Latin Grammy and a Grammy nomination.

In addition to receiving widespread acclaim on stage, he has appeared in films and has collaborated with major corporations, making him a beloved legend among his followers.

According to many who have observed him, the Puerto Rican has a “distinct style.”. In addition, some people claim that the artist’s music is agreeable to the ear and those who follow him because they enjoy reggaeton and trap music.

From the supermarket to the Super Bowl

Martinez was moving products through the automatic checkout of a supermarket in San Juan, Puerto Rico, when he began composing independently, merging his salsa references such as Hector Lavoe with the most current Latin rhythms.

He had initially planned to pursue a degree in audiovisual communication, but he decided to skip out to focus solely on his burgeoning profession on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Bad Bunny has a distinctive sense of style, as evidenced by the inclusion of odd items in his ensemble.

Since his childhood, he has admitted that he adores wearing sunglasses, which he prefers to do at night and inside the house.

He believes that the way you dress is an expression of your personality. Dressing in the manner in which one wishes to communicate one’s sentiments and way of thinking is encouraged.


The Bad Bunny is the musician who has demonstrated that a new reggaeton genre is conceivable.

The Puerto Rican singer has become internationally renowned for infusing his lyrics with a poetic depth previously unheard of in this genre. Melodic songs dispel the misconceptions of individuals who still feel that this sort of music is solely about girls and money.


Bad Bunny desires not to be labeled in any way. A recent interview with The New York Times revealed that he does not consider himself to be defined by anything. He is not interested in putting a label on his preferences because you never know what can happen in the future.

In addition, during his performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the singer provided plenty of fodder for conversation when he opened his jacket to reveal a T-shirt that read, ‘’They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt.’’ This is a homage to Alexa, a transgender lady who was brutally killed in Puerto Rico just a few days before after she used a female bathroom.

The Bottom Line

In terms of attire and gender roles, Bad Bunny has demonstrated his rebelliousness from the beginning of his career.

Without fear of being criticized, he paints his nails in lavish designs, and he has even made them fashionable among males, inspiring others to feel confident in doing so.

By dressing as a woman in his music videos, standing up for the youth, refusing to let the governor of Puerto Rico leave the nation, and protesting the death of a trans woman on television, he is attempting to re-invent himself and the world around him.

Whether or not Bad Bunny is the next musical and social movement genius, he has undoubtedly shifted the perceptions of many. Nevertheless, some will remain staunch in their beliefs.

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