Why is a PDF Converter Very Important?


Many PDF converters have been on the market, with hundreds of downloads every day. Yet, some people still argue if it is necessary to use a converter since PDF files exist in original editable formats. 

Nevertheless, some users avoid using PDF converters because they think it requires technical expertise or is just too expensive. 

But how vital are PDF converters, and is having one worth it? Consider the following reasons why you should get a PDF converter. 

The importance of a PDF converter

With a PDF converter, you have a convenient file management tool. You can convert Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, merge PDF, and so on. Working with different file formats becomes hassle-free. 

Here are more reasons to use a PDF file converter:

  • PDF converters offer an easier way to edit files

PDF converters extract files into a format that makes editing less rigorous. Since converters do not alter the original file setup after conversion, you spend less time retyping displaced or omitted text and replacing graphics. 

  • Converters grant access to various file formats.

If you often work with different file formats, a PDF converter should be an invaluable tool to convert Word to PDF online or PDF to Word. Besides, most top-tier converters can read data from many file formats, including XLSX, DOCX, EPUB, etc., and convert the same to simple PDF files.

  • They reduce paper usage and eliminate waste.

Using a PDF converter provides a coordinated electronic filing strategy. This tool can help manage information and reduce paper consumption, which is a valuable addition to paperless workplaces.

  • PDF is a dominant format in the digital world.

Experts rely on PDF because it supports enhanced file security and multi-party collaboration, among other features. Since PDF is compatible with most operating systems, you can convert Excel to PDF or Word to PDF to ensure compatibility. The PDF convertor is there to assist you in carrying out your tasks efficiently.

  • PDF converters serve for the long term.

You can convert PDF online at little to no cost. Using a PDF converter guarantees that you can convert Word file to PDF anytime without restrictions. Whether you use an offline or online PDF converter, you are sure of these benefits for a long time. 

  • PDF converters enhance editing capacity.

PDF readers allow you to read and edit files, but they lack the features you need for a better editing experience. On the other hand, with a dedicated PDF converter, you have a wide range of options for editing, including the ability to convert scanned PDF to Word. 

  • PDF converters provide value for money and time spent. 

People who work with PDF files can convert Word to PDF faster without spending too much money. You can convert pages to Word whenever, which saves you time and money. Additionally, you can convert pages to PDF.

  • Added features offer a premium experience.

PDF converters produce high-quality files when converting a document. The conversion techniques used by PDF converters make complex, time-consuming editing tasks so easy by clicking on a few tools on the toolbar to execute them.

  • Converters serve as tools for exploration.

Being able to convert PDF to editable Word is an added benefit when going paperless. Advanced features on PDF converters also allow users to extract desired bits of data from a file, conduct searches, merge similar data, and sync files.

What features should you look out for in a PDF converter?

PDF tools differ in terms of functionality. While some features are basic, others provide you with unlimited editing options.

Consider the following features when choosing a PDF converter:

Editing functionality

Most PDF viewing tools only allow you to do basic editing operations such as adding text, images, and basic shapes. Alternatively, PDF converters enable you to convert to Word without disrupting the layout or downgrading the quality.

Security features

A high-quality PDF converter offers a security feature with standard encryption for your PDF documents. Files in other formats can easily be converted and accessible to only those granted access.


PDF converters allow you full access to documents without restrictions based on location or device. You can view and edit files anywhere and anytime once you have an active internet connection.

Compatibility and speed

A top PDF file converter should easily convert PDF to other formats, including XLSX, HTML, TXT, DOCX, and PPT. You can use a document to PDF converter to compress files at a reasonable speed.

How to protect PDF files with a PDF converter 

Leaking sensitive information can hinder a company’s success and damage its reputation. Also, there is the issue of intellectual property theft, which is responsible for many legal suits today. But you can avoid all these problems by using a PDF converter with built-in data protection measures. 

Let’s consider some of them below:


Watermarking a copy makes its origin traceable, protects your intellectual property, and discourages unauthorized access.

Password protection

Passwords add an extra hurdle for anyone who tries to gain unauthorized access. You can enhance the security of your PDF using the password encryption feature of the document to PDF converter. For example, mac OS users can encrypt PDF files in Preview by following these steps:

  1. Open the file in the Preview app.
  2. Go to “Choose File”. 
  3. Select “Export as PDF”.
  4. Click on “Show Details”.
  5. Select “Encrypt”.
  6. Type your password, verify it and click on “Save”.

Digital signature

PDF converters provide users with more ways to secure documents. For instance, the e-signing feature helps to add signatures to documents. Also, the digital tracking system lets you track access to your files.


You lose control of a file once you upload it or send it to another party. But, by placing access restrictions, you can monitor who gains access to the file. One way to achieve this is by using the one-time share/self-destruct feature available on many PDF converters. 

A PDF converter can also help you revoke user access to a file. All these features are helpful if you upload wrong files, send out files containing errors, or wish to stop sharing a file.

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An online DOC to PDF converter provides many benefits, including fast editing, multiple document compatibility, enhanced document security, multi-party collaboration, and remote access. Using this tool guarantees efficient data management and hassle-free information handling. Also, accessing this tool is not expensive, and you can use a PDF converter online free.

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